Smares Smart Menu

Give your restaurant or coffeeshop a modern touch and provide your customers simple solutions with wonderful UI to display your menu on a smart device.


Enrich your business with live interactive Beverages and meals Tablet Menu.

Boost sales by 30%

Smars smart menu plays a key role in increasing sales in the restaurant or cafe up to 30%, according to the statistics of the National Association of Hospitality through the design of user interfaces that fit the language of the user to view and interact with the list of food and beverages.

Increase Staff Productivity

Smars smart menu helps to raise the productivity of the staff as it avoids embarrassing positions with tourists and foreigners by choosing the language of the smart menu very easily as well as send requests directly to the Kashir and the kitchen and even the captain of the restaurant or cafe.

Adapt To Market Changes

Smares smart menu supports the culture of flexibility with a lot of changes in restaurant and coffee shops in the current era. Changing menus and food according to the seasons has become a well-known and indispensable tradition in restaurants and cafes.

Core Features

Create unforgettable visit to your restaurants using Smart Menu following features.

Quick Starting

Design your Beverages and Meals Photo, Title, and Description is touch of button. Super easy way of modify your menu and prices.


Multi Language

Speak your guest's Language to give high hospitality experience to your guests.

Modern Touch

Raise the level of your restaurants and coffee shops by providing modern, enjoyable, and luxury interfaces to your customers.


Get Started

Start using smart menu now and get 20% discount